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Photo by Devon Wycoff

Matt Skinner is a filmmaker, writer, director and producer whose award-winning career spans more than two decades with one of those being spent in Atlanta, Georgia. Now based out of the inspiring landscape of the Rocky Mountains, Skinner creates and distributes film and video projects in a variety of genres.


Matt credits much of his success to Academy Award-winning producer, Gray Frederickson along with late documentarian, Albert Maysles. As a mentor to Matt, Frederickson, who won an Oscar as Co-Producer of The Godfather Part II and for producing such great productions as The Outsiders, has helped his protégé develop his vast talent. With an attentive, empathic approach to the human condition, Matt’s work is recognized for evoking emotion and encouraging thought in his audience.


Some of Matt’s recent work include Outlaw: Life, Death and Texas Football, a film that recounts the life and untimely death of legendary football coach John Outlaw. Fox Sports premiered the film in 2016 and Sports Illustrated released it as one of their award winning documentaries to open with Amazon in 2017. Matt’s impassioned artistry is woven throughout his work on After the American Dream, a compelling documentary that provides never-before-seen footage of the trek and fight for survival of immigrants trying to get to the United States.


Skinner is also credited with work on AMC’s The American West produced by Robert Redford.  Matt covered then Senator Obama’s speech at The University of Cincinnati, as well as eight years later as President of the United States at the White House for SXSL (South by South Lawn). Matt was integral to the production of a serialized drama for the Center for Disease Control that educated urban populations on HIV/AIDS and the prevention of unintended pregnancies. His work in 2010 on The Fat Boy Chronicles, a film that reached #6 Family Films on Redbox and was a Netflix independent hit, garnered respect and admiration from some of the most renowned talents in the film industry for its profound storytelling about adolescence on a microbudget. Matt most recently produced Porvenir, Texas which aired nationally on PBS.


Matt has worked on projects for Fortune 500 companies such as UPS, IBM and FORBES as well as some of the largest privately held organizations in the world. Outlaw was recognized as an ‘Official Selection’ at the Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival. Matt’s ability to unveil truth and the strength of vulnerability is the foundation for his command of Cinema Vérité in documentary and feature narrative filmmaking. Matt has a heart-felt commitment to volunteering with vulnerable populations and his humble approach when presenting to university students has helped set the stage for the next generation of filmmakers.



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