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The stages of grief

On set with Andrew

It is hard to explain what it is like to lose a best friend. Andrew and I had the kind of friendship that spanned over two decades. Andrew could make me laugh out loud one moment and frustrate me the next. He was the one you would die for without blinking an eye. I dearly miss his 7am calls as a friend and sometimes frustrated filmmaker. I understood his pains from a filmmaking standpoint, but I never completely understood the battle he fought so valiantly against cancer. In this picture his body was fighting, he was fighting so hard. All the while he never let his sense of humor fade. He was full of pride, in his mind he stood 7ft tall besides his stature. And after awhile you believed it too. I have missed him since he left and I've sometimes been so mad I've cursed his name. That is the grief stages thing I am referring to in the title. He will never be forgotten. Thanks Daniel Gibbs for capturing this moment in time on the set of Porvenir, Texas. -April 2017-

I'd also like to remember D-Day today. Thank you Allied Forces for walking directly into fear 75yrs ago today.

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